At The Health Aisle, we believe that self-care and wellness is a continuous process to health; however, ‘healthy’ can be different for everyone. Whether your personal goal means maintaining your health, preventing an illness, making a full recovery or living fully with a chronic condition, we hope to better empower you and equip you with the best information possible. 

Over the past 5 years, we have partnered with the University of Alberta School of Pharmacy to teach evidence-based research, writing and provide an opportunity for students to publish awesome health information.  The information is then peer-reviewed by an experienced health care professional.

There are many things we can do to become a healthier nation such as curbing misinformation, taking a holistic approach to health and empowering every individual to be their own health advocate. We want to do this by creating high quality, evidence-based, health content for Canadians, written by Canadians.

Our vision is to become Canada’s leading website on topics related to self-care and wellness. We continue to engage with more health schools across Canada and various subject matter experts, so if you’re interested in writing for us – please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Aliya Kassamali, PharmD, Masters of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology

I wanted to work on something fun that also provided real and accessible health information¬†to anyone, anywhere. I also love people, entrepreneurship and creativity – so I called two close friends (and old roommates) to bounce off a few ideas and ‘The Health Aisle‘ was born. This idea started off as a side project but as misinformation is becoming a bigger problem, there is a greater need today more than ever to provide evidence-based health information. We’re focused on making this a trusted source for self-care information and I can’t wait to see what transpires.