Cough and Cold

Vicks VapoRub Review: Does Vicks VapoRub Really Work?

Bottom Line: Vicks VapoRub has some evidence in helping reduce symptoms of cough, congestion and with difficulty sleeping. It does not directly act as a decongestant, but provides a cooling sensation that makes you feel that you are breathing better. Avoid applying it right under the nose and do not use it in children under…Read Full Post

Prospan by Helixia: Review of The Natural Cough Product on the Block

A New-ish Option for Cough What is Prospan by Helixia? How Does Ivy Leaf Help Coughs? Does Helixia for Cough Really Work? Is Prospan by Helixia Cough Safe? Bottom Line Where Can I Buy Prospan by Helixia In Canada? The Cough That Doesn’t Go Away It’s very likely that at some point, you have suffered…Read Full Post

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