Q&A: How to Safely Remove Earwax and Healthy Hearing Advice

If you haven’t given much thought to earwax, you are probably with the majority! For the most part, earwax is a pretty healthy thing. If you need to remove earwax, make sure you are doing it safely! Q-Tips® are the mainstay to remove earwax – but are they the best thing for your ears? Read…Read Full Post

Cerumol: Ear Drops Review Plus Some Facts about Earwax

How Does Ear Wax Build Up? What Should I Do If I Have A Earwax Block? What Is Cerumol? What Ingredients are in Cerumol? How Does Cerumol Work? Is Cerumol Effective (What Does the Evidence Say?) Is Cerumol Safe? What About Ear Candling? Bottom Line Where Can I Buy Cerumol in Canada? Earwax, also known…Read Full Post

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