Q&A: How to Safely Remove Earwax and Healthy Hearing Advice

If you haven’t given much thought to earwax, you are probably with the majority! For the most part, earwax is a pretty healthy thing. If you need to remove earwax, make sure you are doing it safely! Q-Tips® are the mainstay to remove earwax – but are they the best thing for your ears? Read…Read Full Post

Cerumol®: Ear Drops Review

The Facts about Earwax Earwax, also known as cerumen (pronounced seh-ruh-muhn) and produced by glands in the outer ear canal.  Healthy earwax is made up of oil from the skin, dead skin cells, sweat, and dirt[1].  It has a few important functions such as[1]: protecting ears against infections keeping the ear canal moist (so it…Read Full Post

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