Rub-A535 Review: Ingredients, Side Effects, and How Well It Works

Rub A535 is a rubefacient used for the relief of muscle pain. Its 3 medicinal ingredients –  Methyl Salicylate, Camphor, and Capsaicin – aim to increase blood circulation, reducing pain caused from overuse of muscles. Manufactured by the Canadian company Church & Dwight, it’s been relieving pain since 1919. Rub A535 Antiphlogistine has been used…Read Full Post

Cromolyn® Eye Drops: iDrop with Cromolyn®

What is seasonal ‘allergic conjunctivitis’? It is basically fancy way to say your conjunctiva (layer of your eye that covers the white part) is inflamed due to an allergy! Many people experience swollen, itchy, or watery eyes during certain seasons of the year. These symptoms may be present with a runny, congested nose, or an…Read Full Post

New-Skin® Liquid Bandage: Are Liquid Bandages the Way to Cover Wounds?

What is New-Skin Liquid Bandage? New-Skin Liquid Bandage Ingredients How Does New-Skin Liquid Bandage Work? Does New Skin Liquid Bandage Work? What Does The Evidence Say? Are There Any Safety Concerns With New Skin Liquid Bandage? What Other Alternatives Are There? When Should I Use New-Skin® Liquid Bandage? How Do I Apply New-Skin Liquid Bandage?…Read Full Post

Bio-Oil®: Miracle Product or Stretching the Truth?

What is Bio-Oil? What Causes Stretch Marks? What Ingredients are in Bio-Oil? What Does the Evidence Say – Does Bio-Oil Work for Stretch Marks? What are the side effects of Bio-Oil? What are the Side Effects of Bio-Oil During Pregnancy? Bottom Line With all the products available for preventing stretch marks and eliminating scars, choosing…Read Full Post

Vitamin E Cream: Use Vitamin E to Become Scar Free?

Many of us have developed scars over our lifetime.  These scars may represent memories, warrior wounds, or marks that we wish we could get rid of!  For those of us wanting to get rid of these marks, wouldn’t it be nice if we could get rid of scars we no longer wanted to see in…Read Full Post

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