Rogaine®: When your Hair isn’t There!

Let’s face it – appearance is important. At least, people value looking good. And we’re not just thinking of the ladies here – men are just as prone to purchase something if they think it will amp up their appeal or keep them looking young. So what do you do, when you are styling your…Read Full Post

Cranberries & Urinary Tract Infections – What’s the Verdict?

Anyone who has experienced a urinary tract infection is familiar with the discomforts that come along with it. The urgency, burning and rush of the experience are enough to make the trip to the doctor’s office a long one for anyone. For that matter, a remedy that could prevent a urinary tract infection (UTI) is…Read Full Post

The Light that Lightens Up the Mood

With spring slowly making its way into our lives, we’re starting to feel more energized with longer sunny days. The truth is that weather can affect our mood, our sleep pattern and our energy levels. It can be normal to feel a certain degree of fatigue from the lengthy cold and gray days of the…Read Full Post

All About Iron!

As common as anemia is, it is also quite confusing because there are so many different types that can arise from various causes!  Because iron deficiency anemia is one of the most common health disorders worldwide1, we decided to focus this article on this specific type.  Here is a very common scenario that we’re sure…Read Full Post

Prospan by Helixia: Review of The Natural Cough Product on the Block

A New-ish Option for Cough What is Prospan by Helixia? How Does Ivy Leaf Help Coughs? Does Helixia for Cough Really Work? Is Prospan by Helixia Cough Safe? Bottom Line Where Can I Buy Prospan by Helixia In Canada? The Cough That Doesn’t Go Away It’s very likely that at some point, you have suffered…Read Full Post

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