Raspberry Ketones: Are Raspberry Ketones the Key to Weight Loss?

Over the past few months we’ve noticed more and more patients coming into the pharmacy asking if the raspberry ketone diet really works and if they should buy it.  Its popularity increased after various TV shows discussed its weight loss properties, and now most health food stores advertise it.  Because we’ve had so many of…Read Full Post

Probiotics: Should I take a probiotic with that?

When handing out antibiotics to patients in the pharmacy, we often get asked if taking a probiotic along with it is helpful for preventing antibiotic-associated diarrhea. Similarly, many women who are prone to getting a yeast infection following antibiotics often ask if probiotics would be useful for prevention. The short answer is that, yes, there…Read Full Post

Green Coffee Bean Extract: Will the Green Bean Really Make You Lean?

We’ve recently been asked about the weight lowering benefits of green coffee bean extract. Could it be that there is yet another new miracle weight loss product out there? We decided to find out for ourselves. Before diving in, one thing that we can probably all agree on is the fact that weight management is…Read Full Post

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